Choosing Dental Bonding for Your Smile Restoration

Many people choose dental bonding because it's an inexpensive way to reshape and repair their smile. Sometimes it's chosen in a cosmetic treatment plan over crowns or veneers because it can be less invasive, and less tooth enamel is removed overall. Depending on your goals and individual circumstances, it may be an alternative to some orthodontic procedures. Dentists often use dental bonding to:

  • Close spaces or gaps between teeth
  • Lengthen the appearance of teeth
  • Protect a tooth root exposed by gum recession
  • Overhaul the appearance of discolored teeth
  • Fix cracked or chipped teeth
  • Fix decayed teeth.

Dental bonding work is durable and will last many years thanks to many technological advances in materials and equipment. Our Turlock dental practice combines science and art to help create your perfect smile. 

Your Custom Dental Bonding Experience

Most bonding appointments originate during a consultation with our cosmetic dentists. We create from a treatment plan based on your health history, previous work, and overall cosmetic and restorative goals. Once your treatment plan is created, we will match a composite resin color with the same color as the rest of your teeth. 

Once a color is selected, the tooth is prepared and coated in a liquid that helps bonding material stick to the teeth. Once the tooth-colored resin has been applied to the prepared tooth, a high-tech light or laser is used to harden the work. The resin can be polished and trimmed to perfection. 

Most dental bonding appointments last about 30 minutes to an hour and don't require any kind of anesthesia!

Care for Your Dental Bonding

Teeth that have been enhanced with composite resin will look just like your natural teeth, but they aren't quite as strong as a complete healthy tooth. Don't use your teeth to open plastic, chew big pieces of ice, or to bite your nails. That goes for healthy and teeth with bonding work!

Teeth with resin may pick up surface stains just like a natural tooth. Ask your cosmetic dentist if they recommend a special type of toothpaste or whitening treatment based on your oral health and conditions. 

Overall practice a little extra caution and be mindful of which teeth have had dental bonding work performed. 

Questions? Ready for a Consultation?

We welcome questions about dental bonding and other cosmetic dentistry procedures from our patients in Turlock, Ceres, Delhi and the Modesto metro area. Please contact us to request an appointment with our cosmetic dentist. We'd love to help you achieve your dream smile!


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