Let me tell you about two very exceptional people. They are Drs. Chris and Anne Thompson, husband and wife in business together. Their main goal is to help people and putting these said people as the top priority of their business. They are both dentists in Turlock.

I have been going to them for over a decade. The entire staff are on the same page. They truly care about people and want to help them in any way possible.

When you walk into the office, you are met with a bright and airy waiting room with the two neatest ladies ever. I don't think they know how to be mean and/or mad. They really make your day.

Chris, Anne, and their assistants are truly great people. They never talk over you or treat you like you aren't there. They always include you in the decisions and are never pushy or try to force you into an immediate decision. They don't hesitate if a second opinion is needed or requested; they encourage it. They put you at ease and are constantly making sure that you are doing OK and checking to see that you are comfortable.

You can be in contact with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they never make you feel like you are bothering them. They really make you feel special and your needs are top priority.

Take it from me, JoAnn Abraham, you can never go wrong going to Chris and Anne Thompson for any of your dental needs. They and their staff are truly loving and caring people.

JoAnn Abraham
Abraham Farms
Livingston, CA

I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 34 years, so when you read what I have to say, please take that into account regarding Dr. Chris Thompson and his dental practice!!!!

I have been a patient at the office of Dr. Chris & Anne Thompson for several months now, after being referred there by a good friend. Since I walked into their practice from the very first day I have had absolutely no regrets whatsoever. From the front desk staff to the back office staff there is just such a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere all around.

I think the positive atmosphere in that office is a reflection of the DDS, who perhaps provides that example first and foremost to his staff. After having worked in dental offices for as long as I have, I know that the "staff mood and atmosphere" has a lot to do with the employer's moods and personality. This speaks highly for Dr.'s Chris and Anne Thompson, since all of the staff is professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and as I mentioned prior.....warm, friendly and caring. I have never felt uncomfortable after I have walked into this office.

They should also be commended for their punctuality. They strive to stay on time and not keep anyone waiting for long. I know that, also, is important to patients that don't care to wait too long..... whether it be because they don't like to sit too long and think about where they are, or whether they have a busy schedule that they must adhere to!!

The dental treatment provided by Dr. Chris Thompson has been nothing short of awesome!! He shows an interest in you as a "person" with dental needs, not just a "mouth" with dental needs. Speaking from my own personal perspective, as well as on behalf of my 22-year-old son who is now also a patient there, we prefer a DDS that walks into the treatment room and begins the appointment by actually talking to us and explaining the procedures to be done, as well as showing an interest in us as people! We have always felt a bit unnerved by a DDS that walks in and says very little, then picks up the tools and gets to work!! Dr. Chris has always been more than happy to talk with you before, during, and after your dental procedure!!

Finally, I would like to mention that the DDS and his staff provide gentle dentistry in this office, which I know is very important, not only to myself, but probably most people out there!! No "brutes" in this office.........they are considerate of your level of pain tolerance and strive to keep you "pain-free". The dental assistants in this office are very professional, and I have never had any doubt that they certainly know what they are doing!! I trust them just as much as I trust the DDS!

I would highly recommend this dental office to anyone looking for a true "dental home" where you will feel comfortable, cared for, and confident that you are receiving the very best and up-to-date dental treatment out there!!

Susan, RDH

I have been a patient of Dr. Chris Thompson for only four months. I was introduced to Dr. Thompson through my dental insurance. I received a horrific experience from another dentist's office in Turlock. I phoned my insurance carrier to find another dentist and Drs. Chris and Anne Thompson were highly recommended.

I phoned Dr. Chris and Dr. Anne's office and was received by the front desk with warmth and acceptance. I was seen the very day I phoned their office.

The procedure that Dr. Thompson provided for me was painless and professionally applied. I have observed the staff at Dr. Thompson's office and found them to be friendly and professional. Both Dr. Chris and Dr. Anne Thompson made me feel very comfortable and gave me faith in visiting my neighborhood dentist. The office and staff project that "old time" friendliness and caring.

Dr. Chris is, beyond a doubt, THE BEST dentist I have known in my 57 years. I am grateful to him and his staff for their gracious and caring nature. His dentistry is beyond reproach! I appreciate all he has done for me. I thank him for being so kind to my friends and I.

I highly recommend this very awesome team of dentistry. Thank you Drs. Chris and Anne Thompson for renewing my faith in humanity in dentistry.

Syndi McLeland

One day at work I mentioned that I just had never found another dentist in town that was as personable as my original dentist when I was young. A co-worker of mine told me that he had the best dentist and he was confident I would get that same comfortable and cared about feeling that I remembered from my child hood.

Taking his advice I decided to switch to Chris Thompson as my dentist and from the first time I walked through the doors I could tell I made the right choice. The office has that warm family feel. All the staff remember my name and genuinely care about how I am doing every time I visit. Not only is Chris a very good dentist, but he makes you feel like you are a friend who has come to visit. There has never been a clinical feel or mechanical feel to my visits. I truly feel like everyone cares about my dental health and wants to make sure I am as comfortable and informed as possible.

This is the kind of dental experience I remember from my child hood and a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other number on a list places I have been to before. If you are looking for a good dentist in Turlock then your search is over. I would recommended stopping by and just seeing for yourself how friendly they are.

Treb P.

I always had a fear of going to the dentist since childhood and have had many dentists over the years, never finding one that I was truly comfortable with. I finally found two dentists with a phenomenal staff that have exceeded all of my expectations. They are all very warm, caring people. I have been a patient of Dr. Chris and Dr. Anne for years. I don't plan on changing dentists ever again since becoming a patient of theirs. If you're looking for professional, pain-free dentistry, look no further. Drs. Chris and Anne Thompson Family Dentistry is the place to go. I go so far as to travel to Turlock as a patient from Modesto, when there are plenty of dentists much closer to where I live. This is a practice where Customer Service is #1.

Tom Killian
Retired CHP Officer

I'm so grateful to have found Chris and Anne Thompson. From the warm welcome at the front desk, to Dr. Thompson's entertaining stories and relaxed style, I'm able to forget about all the "construction" going on in my mouth during my frequent visits. I've recommended the Thompsons to friends and family and they have had the same positive experiences. It's assuring to have finally found dentists who I know I can trust to keep my smile looking great.

Dr. Chris, I just wanted to thank you for the warm welcome every time I visit your office. The front staff always have my favorite songs playing, and you always make it hard not to laugh at your stories when my mouth is full of dental instruments. Knowing I'm always in good hands, I can't believe I actually look forward to my trips to the dentist.

Lisa K.

Our daughter was the first to go to Chris & Anne Thompson’s office and when she told us how nice they were my husband and I followed suit.

From the minute you walk in the door and are greeted by the smiles of Ana and Terry, you know you can relax. Dr. Chris and his assistant Jessica work so well together that I hardly realize I’m at the dentist. Their compassion for their patient is evident in the way they continually make sure that you are comfortable and not in any discomfort, and work efficiently so that your visit isn’t longer than necessary.

I have been a patient of theirs for several years and have never had to wait in the lobby for more than a few minutes, which I truly appreciate! I have recommended their services to friends and family and even brought my mother in for work on her dentures.

I want to thank everyone at Drs. Chris & Anne Thompson’s office for making what I used to dread turn into a time that is much more pleasant!

Lesa C.

When our previous dentist retired, we were left with a decision on who would be our new dentist. Naturally we wanted to have a dentist that we would be comfortable with and have confidence that he or she would meet our dental needs. We have been very pleased with Doctors Chris and Anne Thompson and their friendly, professional staff. I can speak for my family, it was a very easy decision and a smooth transition to have the Thompson's as our new dentists. I have recommended the Thompson's with confidence to many friends for complete family dentistry.

Raymond Lee and Family

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Thompson from the very beginning when they started their practice in Turlock over a decade ago. We have found that both Dr. Chris and Anne Thompson and the entire office staff without exception have always been very warm and friendly. They are a very informative and professional office. We have depended on them not only for our semi-annual care but also for all of our major dental care and we have not been disappointed. They truly give you a feeling of caring and wanting to take exceptional care of your needs.

To summarize our experience with Dr. Thompsons office we would have to give this office an A+. :-$

Satisfied Patients
Wayne and Jill Carlson

When I came in for treatment of an alarmingly broken tooth, Dr. Anne provided expert care and attention. Likewise, Dr. Chris has performed restorative treatment that included replacing crowns in an efficient and professional manner. I had not seen a dentist in years, and Drs. Chris and Anne have rescued my teeth. Their emphasis on preventive care has been very helpful. As a longtime Turlock resident and former patient of Dr. Davis and Dr. Vogel in this same dental office, I am grateful this same trust in quality and personal care continues from Dr. Chris and Dr. Anne and their wonderful office staff.

Cindy Peterson